About us

Keyang Electric Machinery

Korean Keyang PowerTools is already more than 30 years producer of high quality machines for construction and industry. More than 15 years they produce for various brands in the European market. Keyang provides excellent quality for a fair price.

From their position as market leader in the Korean market, they are also focussing on the European market. Working closely with local wholesalers and distributors is what they do. The shared knowledge and experience enables Keyang PowerTools to make their slogan more than true:


The vision of Keyang is based on the idea that you do not make it with only good products. They believe that success for half depends on delivering quality products and for the other half of providing excellent service. So you get standard 3 year warranty on every machine without registration or other fuss. If your machine have an unexpected malfunction will be repaired or replaced.


Keyang PowerTools has years of experience in manufacturing high quality machinery. They therefore have a wide range and constant innovation. Additionally Keyang listening carefully to responses from the field making the machines as close as possible to the needs of professionals who work with it every day. Meet their quality machines and be positively surprised by the power of Keyang!